What is first?

Is it chicken first? Or is it egg first? I would say it is chicken first. Why? I believe the ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Spawn is what human called ‘Life and Living’. When ‘Life and Living’ is defined by birth and growth, then we must have the physical ‘Life’ first. The universe is ‘Energy’. Triggering the ‘process and progress’ of energy must be the physical form of energy. The universe is ‘Energy’. Triggering the ‘galaxy’ of planets requires the spawning of physical planets. ‘Time’ is a concept inherent in human only. But then, hold this thought for a second; I have said universe is energy, egg is energy because an egg has not yet taken the form of life. Energy transform to life, and life is physicality. To our understanding, start with energy and end with physicality. The conclusion would be egg is first, not chicken.