I Am Living

Improving, starting up, resolving, succeeding, being successful, failing, expanding, shrinking, continuing, on top of all these, I am living now.

I Am Beautiful

我係衰神, for bad things happen to me but no good things do. 我唔係人, for I get no respect from anyone. 但我還有條命.

I Will Love Me More

I believe in my piano music. I believe in my thoughts and thinking. I believe in my work. I believe in pure humanity.

I Live In My Own World

I am beautiful. I play good piano music. I am fair. I care. I am good hearted. I don't lie. I am nature. I see and watch. I think and dig deep in thoughts. I am humanity.


If my sharing is not wanted, I will let it be, I just share with me.


A close someone would become unfamiliar after a sudden and brief disruption.

Living On

The end of monarchy, the rise of authoritarianism. The must ongoing democracy.


Living is transient. Life is transient. Nature is transient.

My Artworks

My artwork is raw. My artwork is ugly. My artwork is primitive.


One will never stop demanding from oneself.


Learning is to see the whats and ask the whys, to probe the uncertain for fact, to discern the difference between lies and facts, to be able to do after understanding the hows, and to be allowed to learn freely.


Teaching is to help pull out the potential in the learner affirming the learner's nature given abilities, therefore, the teacher must be open minded, objective, unbiased and encouraging while teaching.

Talk to Son

Talking of my feelings is communication in the family to understand each other. I'm proud of you simply you're a good son. No demands except being: brainy, integrity, scrupulous, Definitely help, worries and missed just wanted you happy.

Play Ball Tennis

Psychology throughout the game Score scenario tactics Individual vs. team competition Weakness vs. strength

Imperial Dictatorship Madness

The 'overnight' economic crackdown policies and this 'common prosperity' are proofs of imperial dictatorship madness, but then it's the trend of the empire falling from its peak.

Safety issues

for concern due to inept government management - raise self protection


物極必反 好人有好報,壞人有報應。好人有安慰,壞人有天收。 留得⻘山在,那怕無柴燒。 對得住良心 不問點解有 E D 人,知道有 E D 人。

Covid-19 Dreadful Fear

It is not the covid-19 virus that I worry about getting infected, it is the dreadful fear of being locked in depriving my freedom in the name of pandemic control. The even more dreadful fear is the creation of the virus pandemic for authoritarian control on the people.

Tennis Play Ball Psychology

The way I have experienced in playing tennis for these many years has somehow convinced me that it is the actual reflection of reality.

10 Things of Happy Me

Live in the moment Nature Myself first Emotional support Be bold, try new things Self reflect Do things outside of personal confined Do things I like Not compare Workout routine

Happy Day

A day well spent is a day of truly happy about being me.

Got To

Got tasks to complete, got things to learn, got goals to reach.

Play Piano

I am not performing, I listen to my own music.

My Music

I play piano from my heart, it is music to my ears.


I am not competing, I'm looking deep into my heart from playing piano.


真誠之心不是大晒。 真誠之心不是啱晒。 凡事都說以真誠之心來做並不是聰明的人,祇是藉口。 要以真誠之心及實際情況處事,而不是話我交出真誠之心就是正確。

Where do I want to go?

Where should I go? I asked. I really don't know, I thought. Where do I belong? I asked. Oh really, where do I belong? I asked again. I really don't know, I thought. Do I want to go anywhere? I asked. I really want to go. I thought. But where do I really want to go, I asked. I really don't know. I thought.


Am I worthy of even to myself, let alone worth the while over others?

No More

No more self-devalue. No more self-pity. No more self-judge. No more self-justify. No more self-compared judgement on others.


Don't look back, don't look sideways, don't slow down, don't stop, don't give up.

My Music Notes

Let my music notes drive me, let me cruise with my music notes, let me free of judgemental by letting me immerge in my music notes.

Adult Game Players

While adults are playing their political war games senselessly, children are giving up their lives for them senselessly, everywhere on earth.

Point of View

Being positive or negative thinking, being lucky or unlucky, it's all point of views.


They are selling our children. They are killing our children. They are contaminating our children. Are there anything else they are doing to our children?


Everything I do, I put in effort. Even taking a step.

I Play

I play my piano. My audience is silence. But I play for me. I am the audience. I am also the silence.


When I chose to be grateful for others, I would not expect the return of gratefulness.

I Play the Piano

I can just play my own music at the piano. I play my own feelings at the piano so the songs are wordless. I am always looking for those notes at the piano. I play loud, I play soft, I play in silence, I play for anyone or just for me. I like to play on and on.

I am Confident

When I pronounce I am able and I am right, I want to assure you that I am not arrogant, but confidence built through personal experiences.

Opportunity Cost

It's all about 'opportunity cost', and it's all about how worthy it is to do this now over the other choices. Is it more important than the other. Is it more practical than the other. Is it more needed than the other.

I Am Happy

I am really happy of who I am. Maybe not. Am I really happy of who I am?

Who Else

Who else would I want to be? How many elses would I want to be? Why would I want to be anyone else?


It's not about boasting self to down grade others, it is understanding self for self confidence.


Continuation is the key. Continuation is the word. Continuation is the way. Continuation is it.

Live On

I have done that and I understand my experience, so I am able to readjust myself in continue living on.

Missing Out

Move on but no worries on missing happy moments now, because new experiences will bring happiness.

We are Happy

I want my love ones happy is to flow with the changes in the progress, for the changes are what make my love ones happy on going. Although the current is happy, it won't be missed as the upcoming changes would also make new happy experiences.

Go On

I go on to the new experience. I go on to the new happy times.

The Challenge

It's a good challenge to keep me safe in the dangerous place, and I am always ready to face that challenge.

I Do

I do what I can. I do the best I can. I do with whatever I have. I do with whatever I can afford.

Begin and End

A foot ahead of the other climbing to the peak while grasping for air, unintended sudden halt of all takes me to the deep silence, look into the inside of me it is peace, this is begin and end meet.


There's always a way.

I Am

I am protected. I have been answered.

At Peace

A foot ahead of the other as one climbs to the peak while grasping for air, an unintended sudden pause puts all in the deep silence, nestled inside of self lies peace, this is begin and end meet.

Getting Older

Aging is like a plane taking off the ground, can't slow down but keeps going forward, definitely not reversing.


I forgave you, for you'd paid your due with your life.


起碼過得自己的良知, 對自己有正確的交待。


有生意做緊 有工作做緊 有興趣做緊

Love and Passion

Not be despaired on love and passion are fading on earth, but be grateful that love and passion are the drive of my life on earth.

Every Day Every Moment

Let's make every day a special day for caring and loving. Let's make every moment a memorable festival for laughter and happiness.


I am responsible for myself. She is responsible for herself. He is responsible for himself. It is responsible for itself.

I don't I am

I don't have that, that, and that, but I've got me. I'm not like that, that and that, but I'm me.

Not this but that

I do not have a successful career working life, but I have happy ways of working out my living. I do not have much to say about things, but I have stories to tell.

Wife and Son

I don't have lifelong friendship, but I have my wife being my best friend. I don't have childhood family, but I have my son being my only family.


I am the driver and I'm not driven by other drivers.

The Day

It is just another ordinary day, refresh, confident, momentum, drive.

憑欄觀霧洋 無邊海水柔

Living Life

Adapting, adjusting, find happiness in life, in living.

No Worry

Not to worry for getting old and dying, but to appreciate being human and enjoy living. Keep doing, exercising, learning, understanding, eating healthily, witnessing, traveling, thinking, just enjoying.


Let me be naive for I think only of the good and see only the good.


夕陽湧雲來 時光無限量 接著新開始 此刻心中見 希望照夕陽


It's not national politics anymore, it's just family politics.

I Am a Father

If I didn't stand up to help these children, how could I be a father to my children?

Who Change Who

Don't want to change the world, but don't want the world change me either.

Mother is a Name

She is a person whom I call mother, and mother is just her name.

I Am Living

1. Cash Machine 2. Active: travel, hiking, exercise, 3. Work: JPHKG 4. Interests: dclWorkshop, HK Project, Rebuild Projects 5. Enjoyments: eating, coffee cafe, my family of wife and son

Every Step

I walk the trail of nature, every step is beauty. I walk the trail of life, every step is hope.


When I thought it's out of ordinary, it's one of the ordinary.

My Wife

I wish the sweetest for my wife. I would very much like to be supportive of her because I want to be by her side. I want her to be happy always.

My Son

I wish the best for my son. I would very much like to encourage and let him be whatever he wants because I trust him. I want him to be happy always.

Particular Living Tradition

On different parts of the planet earth, because of locational weather, rain and wind pattern, and cyclical temperature, these local people's living will adapt to the locational nature conditions which directly affect their ways of thinking and behavior. But, it's called living of their particular traditions.

Nature Products

On different parts of the planet earth, because of the locational weather, rain and temperature pattern, particular land soil chemistry, and wind condition, unique natural locational chemistry will produce unique locational products.

The Fall

I have experienced the fall yesterday. I believe that surviving the fall is to be able to see that time during the falling in which I could be able to think and act to stop the fall. That is, to think and to act on the do’s and don’ts in the effort of surviving the fall.

What is first?

Is it chicken first? Or is it egg first? I would say it is chicken first. Why? I believe the ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Spawn is what human called ‘Life and Living’. When ‘Life and Living’ is defined by birth and growth, then we must have the physical ‘Life’ first. The universe is ‘Energy’. Triggering the ‘process and progress’ of energy must be the physical form of energy. The universe is ‘Energy’. Triggering the ‘galaxy’ of planets requires the spawning of physical planets. ‘Time’ is a concept inherent in human only. But then, hold this thought for a second; I have said universe is energy, egg is energy because an egg has not yet taken the form of life. Energy transform to life, and life is physicality. To our understanding, start with energy and end with physicality. The conclusion would be egg is first, not chicken.

Just Play On

It's not playing for others, not playing for the suppressed and depressed, it's not playing for the departed, it's about playing on. I just play on.


好人有好報,壞人有報應。 好人有安慰,壞人有天收。

Political Analysis

There are many perspectives to a political analysis, just like there are many ways to cut an apple.


At the turning page of my life, I write HOPE.

May Be Tomorrow

When I may not be able to help today, I may be able to help tomorrow. Although there's no changes today, there may be changes tomorrow.

Test Living

I do not want to tempt life, but I do want to test living.

What do I wish?

I wish I hadn't been living in the delusional and illusionary thinking of I am a good man. I wish I had been living in righteous reality.


In the shadows of the citrus trees under the brightening sun, awaiting hope in the making.


以善而行 本良應對 心持良善 為之使命


I shall always see goodness in people. But then, can I?

I Am Helping

When I have always said that I wanted to help but have not been helping, I would tell myself that I AM helping with my thoughts responding to the question of Why Are These Always Happening To Me.

nature pattern

It is actually, pattern is nature, and, nature is pattern.

What I Mean

Whatever I do, whatever I say, I mean to be Good Nature.


Whatever it is, However it happens, I believe in goodness.


牛本為善 吾善相同 與牛作伴 賞時渡日


山谷登上 一片枯草, 望上藍天 群雀飛來 與其招手, 望前小徑 父持幼女 靜座馬上 擦身而過, 低頭看下 市景無圍 躺臥山脈, 大自然在 獻生吾命

Stay Strong

The past experience is my strength. Stay strong.


窄巷難容各方意 惟有行出自主路

Humanity 4

My humanity stresses not just on being right or wrong, my humanity is justifying reasons for resolutions.

Humanity 2

My humanity is level, simple, happy, non-hurting.

Humanity 1

My humanity does not include sacrifice.



What to do?

If I got to do something for myself, what would that be?

If it must

If it must happen, what could I do to at least make it manageable?

Change To Keep

I will change to keep being a naturalist, a thinker, a humanitarian.

Take It

Take it as it comes, move on. Keep the righteousness, take it on.


How much more payback I have to give for the wrong I didn't know I had done?


A fighter never quits. One would say wars would end for there are no fighters, but wars would never end when fighters quit. What would I call a peace time fighter? I am wordless. A single fighter CAN'T do any fighting at all, but fighter solidarity is definitely what keeps fighters fighting for the good of humanity continuously for every person is already a fighter of their own fighting for survival to keep on living, there's no ending.


It's not how much time is left, it's how to go about the journey.

The Team

I have always wanted to be part of the team, but yet I am still not a team member.

Adapt To

People tend to race against each other, fight against each other; but people need to adapt to each other, that's IT!

A vs. R

Natural Humanity is Action - Reaction Physical Humanity is Attack - Resistance


Survival is Adaptation. Adaptation driven by Mutation.


Continuation Analog and Algorithmic Digital make Time, as electricity and magnetism to make light.

I Must Believe

I must believe I am good nature. I must believe I am sincere. I must believe I am truthful. But why am I being hated by my good nature, sincerity, and truthfulness?


I don't just fight, I fight on because I am a fighter.


Always learning. Always making. Always improving.


What I do today guides to what I see tomorrow.

Go On

Piano play on without lyrics. Everyday work on without expectations. Live on without hesitation but with nature.

His Mind

Although he is restrained because of his open mind which might ultimately kills him, it's his very own mind that sets him free since day one. It's his very own mind that made him free ever since.


My timing is full of challenges and for that I appreciate.

Work and Money

When I work for myself, I can't be fired and no mandatory retirement, but I would make money just for me. When I work for someone, I would always have a chance of getting fired and out of a job and mandatory retirement, but I could make more money than just for me?


I am not getting older, I am more modernized.

A Thought

The stroll, a step. The talk, a word. The air, a breath. The time, a moment. The living, a scene.

問你 問我 問他

當我突持知覺醒來時 知道還在街角蕩然遊 以為還在夢幻往前事 其是現實不停各方沖 問你生活怎樣繼續走 問我思想怎樣走正路 問他憑藉怎麼作決策 問眾是否還知人道議 就是人道正義與良心 再問自己天賦的自由 還是存在或已遠遠離


I truly believe freedom makes happiness.

My Freedom

If physical freedom is restrained under tyranny, at least the unspoken thoughts within the mind is freedom although it's terribly sad. I'm more fortunate that when I play piano, I can find my own freedom.

Where am I?

Walking out to get lunch takeout, I suddenly entered a momentary amnesia because I asked me "Where am I?". Then, I broke out of this delirium by the knowing that the 'Hong Kong people' have disappeared but left with the disgraceful 'new comers'. So, the actual question I should ask with a clear mind is, "Where is Hong Kong?"


When the current Hong Kong is inhumanly battered by covid-19 and 'national security law', I was greeted by malfunctioning mechanical servers at the counter in MacDonald, I was obstructed by the hard and cold robotic pedestrian on the streets. Wow! When Hong Kong people have left, the new comers are not people!


When it goes on continuously after it began with one note.

Please Continue

I began with one note but I will leave you with continuation.

1960 and 60

1960 was a start, at 60 is a restart. Start and restart with hardship.

Free Will

Free will is a gift that needs fighting for, don't give up.

Who said

Who said I don't do acceptable work? Who said I do unrecognizable work?


I change with my core values intact.

Immediate Coming 2

History is telling me what had happened, but more importantly is what I think of the immediate coming.

Immediate Coming

Live by present, look ahead, especially the immediate coming.

Making Sense

It doesn't make sense to fear and worry of day zero, it makes sense to continue making my living and live.

End Up

I can't be winning every single time, but I end up winning. I can't be right every single time, but I end up doing the right thing. I can't be expecting what I want every single time, but I end up doing what I want.


I need to rest to go on tomorrow.

I Trek

I am a trekker, I trek the globe, I trek on as I am me.

Every Day

Eat. Work. Think. Exercise. Rest.

Not To

Not to worry but to understand, not to let it happen but to prevent, not to fear but to resolve.


If it's because of the disaster that keeps the whole family together, I would not say it's a disaster.


I don't care who owns the house, but it's my home.

I Get It

I have the right mind, I take control of me, I get it through my head, I get it.

Six O 2

My big six O is extraordinary but I enjoy it as ordinary.

Listening to Myself

I have not been listening to my own self but when I do, I understand 'let go'.

Can I help me?

No one knows but only if there will be no tomorrow. Will there be tomorrow? The right mind is the pioneer that steers me.

Refresh and Restart

After disastrous crisis passes, it's work to be done, challenges to be taken; it's refresh and restart.


I play for the sacrificed, for the first time, for the last time.

April 2020

Stepping into April 2020 is the beginning of good things happening to me.

This is how

This is how I do it. This is how I live on. This is how I go about it. This is how I feel. This is how I see it. This is how I take it. This is how I judge it. This is how I know. This is how I understand.

Six O

My big six O is extraordinary!

This is Me

It's not the thinking that to accept, nor to nag, nor it's fair or not fair, it's to know, this is me.

Live On

We and the people on Earth are learning to sustain living on, and experiencing to understand nature bestow upon us as she has been, ever since. Let's altogether without bias and difference, nor prejudice to stay strong for living on.


It's filled of lively air today and I feel lively, because I am alive and lively.

Have and Haven't Got

What I believe I have got, I might not have. What I believe I have lost, I might have.

As Nature

I think as nature. I see as nature. I hear as nature. I act as nature. Because I am nature.

My Love

Don't fall in love with one particular stock! Fall in love with all stocks of possibilities!

Playing Piano

Father's passing started me to play for the first time, and for the last time. I didn't play for the first time for my dad, but I played for him for the last time in recorded audio for his peaceful rest. I wanted to play for my mother, neither the first time nor the last time, because I wanted to tell her 'thanks for getting me to learn piano at a young age'. I know she wouldn't want to listen to me playing the piano for her, but, saying 'thank you' to her would give me the goosebumps uncontrollably. I wonder if she would like a genuine thank you with the heart from me.

Hello again Starbucks lady

The Starbucks lady is not at her usual Starbucks place today. As she walked by along the long corridor way on the direction away from her frequently visiting Starbucks place, she was doing the same old usual thing, talking to herself. The one thing different though, today, she was speaking things to herself in her accented English.

My Conscience

I believe in my conscience. I do what my conscience tells me.


2020 is the beginning of a fresh start.


Plain and simple, total representation.

Residue of remains

Live through the movement residue, confront the remains of conflicts.



How a day is not wasted?

First of all, no one day is wasted. Even though I don't do anything, didn't get anything on the day, I live the day, so how could the day be wasted? There's no wasteful day, there are no wasteful days.

Relationship and Me

There's no forgiveness, there's no aggravation, this is the relationship but I am always me.

I know

Need not to talk, need not to tell, need not to say, I know.

Let it be

I am fortunate that my sufficiency will not be taken away from me, so let it be.

True Peace

No blaming, no complaining, no winding, just peace.

Why How What

It's not why it is, it's how it is, because it's what it is.


How do we go from here, I keep asking. Forward we go, I keep telling. It's tough and dangerous, I keep saying. Stay strong and safe, I keep wishing. Take care everybody, we all keep doing.

Sweet Humanity

While stuffing a forkful of pancakes into my mouth, a short old senior carefully sitting herself down on the chair, her friend similarly in her 80's taking a left and right wobbly walk toward her seated old friend, she asks, 'What's your future, honey?'

What is Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent - Mother Nature Artificial Intelligence - human brains and computer Human brains Intelligence - cognitive thinking, memory, experience, analytical thinking, critical thinking Computer Intelligence - machine learning, algorithms, statistical methodology, decision making process, optimal solutions, efficiency

Thanks for the sacrifice and doing the hard work

While the two 'big' economic countries, the Eastern and the Western, are full of money driven slaves trying to kill one another creating chaotic manipulation to control the ordinary, the Hong Kong Young realized it and bring out the courage to defend humanity and refuse to become money driven slaves. I am speechless but only grateful for them.

Hong Kong Stars

Lebron James, a basketball star? I seriously say, he is definitely not any basketball star. Saying African Americans have been racially discriminated and unjust human rights in the US, but in the case of over the dispute between NBA and China on Hong Kong's freedom movement and human rights, he is saying Hong Kong's freedom and human rights are 'not educated' and 'missed informed'. With his pay and sponsorship, he still can be bought out that easily, he is proving to the people that there's no true sportsmanship; why wouldn't the games be rigged because it's just about raiding money, not basketball! China has turned to absolute madness on powering control on the people using the conquering weapon, money. Now, the Hong Kong young generation has this consciousness and bravery for the forgotten basic humanity, that's why they are the stars. I wish them protected, protected by humanity and let humanity safe guide human rights and safe guard them.

I knew, I know it will, but I can't

It's not that I am upset with nobody's believing me when I tell way ahead of time that those are the bad people taking great power to do bad things to the people, it's that I knew exactly those bad people doing bad things will actually happen and I absolutely can do nothing to help prevent that to happen. I am so angry with me having the ability to say 'See, I told you so.' and I don't do anything to prevent because I constantly excuse myself with 'I can't do anything'. How bad a person I am?

The Sky has Wept

With a week of fire cracklings of human rights defense just past in deep sadness, the sky has begun to weep its rescuing tears upon the troubled land.

Safe Guide

May humanity safe guide human rights and safe guard it.


Happy is simple, love is simple. Simple is love, simple is happy.

Let us grow up, please.

Hong Kong has never grown up, when the latest generation begins to understand to grow, the exterminating force is having no mercy pressing hard on them. It's so sad!

I ask myself

Will people like my piano music? Ask AI. Will people like my photography and videography? Ask AI. Will people like what I write? Ask AI.

Just a little taste of AI, I have this thought:

Man (human) is not eternal, nature is infinitive, not eternal; since man is also nature, man is infinitive but not eternal. Artificial Intelligence is identified with Man Intelligence because AI do what man do. When man build AI, man is building its eternity bridging to infinitive, and AI is built in a sense of extending its eternity infinitely to infinitive. Man is infinitive through AI because man is nature, and that's what nature do, my man! Will human Intelligence bring human species to its demise or keep it going with no ending?

Nature AI

AI = MI Nature is AI MI is not the first among the many many other I within AI. AI is the iteration of Adaptation, Creativity, and Physics. Adaptation, Creativity, and Physics are as called 'living'. AI is 'life'.


What do we do with perspective? We act upon it.

Truth and Truthfulness

If truth is not to be known, it's perspective. Then, what is truthfulness? Truthfulness is like air on earth, souls of people.


I am a solitude yet my mind is coherently connected.

Look Up

When feeling unjust and hopeless, look up to the blue sky, because looking down from up there, everyone is ultimately the same and always hoping.


她每天與我們的溝通就是道具包括: 我們一進家門便聽到的電話鈴聲,不停響的提吃藥鈴聲,放在她房門及走廊的手推助行車,想給我們的訊息是?

A Breath of Air

Taking the usual morning walk at my hometown vista park after a 10 day trip to Istanbul and Bucharest, taking this breath of air at my beloved hometown park is always the best breathing air there's to it.

Phone call

I opened the door to enter the house at 1340 and heard phone rang, then saw your mom walking from her washroom to bedroom, eyes watching me coming in. I suddenly had wild thought that she used mobile to call home phone.

Where is Starbucks Lady?

Don't get me wrong, I don't miss Starbucks Lady, I just wonder if she would be talking to herself and walking around in her see through Raincoat. Unlike my mother, Starbucks Lady is just mentally disturbed harmlessly and a little annoying sometimes.


For the educated young generation struggling for basic democratic ways of living, may I say , thanks for putting in the hard work.

You Can Trust Me

Why can't you trust me? I have not forgotten humanity, values and respect.


What would I do when I was criticized as weak, not to confront but as invading when I carry on forward?

Starbucks Lady Now

The Starbucks lady is not a mystery no more, she could be annoying in time but she could also be charismatic at some other time.

The Sight of Beauty

I was once told that behind the beauty of Mt Fuji is dangerously wild and unpredictable. I would add, its beauty is preceived with enhancements from its surrounding environment.


I always ask 'What does your heart tell you to do?', and I always say 'Just do what your heart tells you to do.' What! What am I asking? What am I saying?

A Good Day

I have had a good day. I drove through slim roadways mingling the many connected small Japanese towns. I drove on a narrow winding hilly single lane roadway where is open for two way traffic in the rain.

Humanity Gauge

Can we just embrace humanity, to judge base upon humanity, to gauge against values, and to treat with respect? Can we embrace humanity regardless majority or minority, view points, intentions, and actions? Use the core values of humanity as the guiding gauge to judge these view points, intentions and actions.

The Japan I Discover

After more than two hours of driving through curvey dry creeky roads mingling the connected small towns on the greater plain nestled among valleys embedded in the Eastern Japan mountain ridges, and through narrow winding up and down hilly drive ways around the uncounting numbers of budha temples along the way, I have come to this corner of land where its edges have been beating by ocean water relentlessly. A lighthouse stands alone at this corner of earth rightfully claiming its presence with its rotating beacon; to me, it signifies the guiding light at the end of the tunnel. I am further and deeper connected to knowing Japan.

Mt Fuji Beauty

Aah, I understand that now seeing the perfect picture of Mt Fuji beauty only comes after I have gone through seeing the nature side of it.


We have forgotten humanity, respect, and values.

See Deeper Inside

Don't just talk on the obvious, analyze the further deeper inside but not behind what's shown and told. Witness the obvious, but see the deeper inside.

Nature Connected

After padding Mt Fuji, I have that click on the connection with nature.

Nature Offering

I gladly accept what nature has to offer me. I will accept the offer with sincerity.

Which Startup?

I was at first working on my startup projects base on personal interests, but then, would I be wasting my time for I was not working on reality startup projects.

Mt Fuji Beauty

I was originally hoping to taste the beauty of Mt Fuji, l have experienced tackling the dangerous adventure aspect of Mt Fuji though.

What would you do?

With so much of your saying, what would you do? Don't just keep criticizing left and right, what would you do?


Have we forgotten humanity and respect?


Adrenaline can give success and glory, but adrenaline could kill you.

Lover of myself

I am a lover of me. It seems I am the only one who likes my own work, my own writings, my own piano play, and my own photography.

before I go

It's not that I haven't made enough money before I go, it's the unaccomplished work and the feelings of not doing enough and evading responsibility. I wonder if I would have cared enough before I go.

Starbucks Lady in Raincoat

The Starbucks lady talked to herself that she puts on the see-through raincoat and get married to overseas.

My Thoughts

Why would some be afraid of my thoughts? They would be so afraid of my thoughts that their best efforts are focused on suppressing them. My thoughts reside in my own mind, how would that fear them?

Oncoming Sadness

It keeps coming and it is not about to stop. Why is this sadness oncoming continuously?

Rightful Anger

I am angry, and I am entitled to my rightful anger. No one can stop me from expressing my rightful anger, not with bullets nor gas.

Do it at the Max

Always start out doing anything with the intention of going for the maximum.

Who is On-going Trekker?

Apparently, the On-going Trekker treks on going non-stop; one could trek over mountains and hills, or treks over roads and streets. One could also trek over the world, or treks over one's mind, on going.

I am a Start Up builder

What would a start-up builder do, I ask myself constantly. I wil do whatever I am interested in doing and building.

On Going

Stars are on-going sparklers. People are on-going trekkers.


What does it prove? It proves that I am right. So, continue is the word.