Hong Kong Stars

Lebron James, a basketball star? I seriously say, he is definitely not any basketball star. Saying African Americans have been racially discriminated and unjust human rights in the US, but in the case of over the dispute between NBA and China on Hong Kong's freedom movement and human rights, he is saying Hong Kong's freedom and human rights are 'not educated' and 'missed informed'. With his pay and sponsorship, he still can be bought out that easily, he is proving to the people that there's no true sportsmanship; why wouldn't the games be rigged because it's just about raiding money, not basketball! China has turned to absolute madness on powering control on the people using the conquering weapon, money. Now, the Hong Kong young generation has this consciousness and bravery for the forgotten basic humanity, that's why they are the stars. I wish them protected, protected by humanity and let humanity safe guide human rights and safe guard them.