When I chose to be grateful for others, I would not expect the return of gratefulness.

I Play the Piano

I can just play my own music at the piano. I play my own feelings at the piano so the songs are wordless. I am always looking for those notes at the piano. I play loud, I play soft, I play in silence, I play for anyone or just for me. I like to play on and on.

I am Confident

When I pronounce I am able and I am right, I want to assure you that I am not arrogant, but confidence built through personal experiences.

Opportunity Cost

It's all about 'opportunity cost', and it's all about how worthy it is to do this now over the other choices. Is it more important than the other. Is it more practical than the other. Is it more needed than the other.

Who Else

Who else would I want to be? How many elses would I want to be? Why would I want to be anyone else?


It's not about boasting self to down grade others, it is understanding self for self confidence.


Continuation is the key. Continuation is the word. Continuation is the way. Continuation is it.

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